Bridal Fashion Editorial

Every now and then, I get the urge to do an editorial shoot just for fun! Weddings keep me busy all year round but I try and find a window of opportunity to do something creative with a team of local talented suppliers. Shoots like this are always a great chance to collaborate, and this particular team were on point! Here's a rundown of the elements involved...

The location for our shoot was spectacular - the exquisite Cambo Estate sits just outside St Andrews and YES you can get married here! The estate consists of a stunning 17-bedroomed manor house, rustic woodlands, camping spots, a boat you can sleep in, walled gardens, courtyard and tipi tents making this place an incredibly versatile venue, we barely scratched the surface during our visit. We were made to feel so welcome for the duration of our shoot and I can't wait to go back!

A photoshoot is nothing without good models, and I struck gold with these two! I've worked with Sarah several times over the last few years and she is so gorgeous, smart and positive. When we were moodboarding for our 20s inspired styling we knew Sarah would suit this perfectly, and we were not disappointed.

 This was my first time working with Abigail, and it definitely won't be the last. She was a ray of sunshine and very patient in between our sets, and when it was time to work - wow! Such a fresh-faced Scandinavian beauty, Abigail was perfect for our 18th century inspired styling.

It might seem that being a bridal fashion model is a glamorous experience, but in reality there's a lot of waiting around, wearing uncomfortable shoes and dresses that aren't made to fit you that need to be kept in pristine condition! Hats off to these two, they were sensational.

Hair & makeup styling is another big aspect of a successful shoot, and luckily I have one of the best bridal makeup artists in Scotland on speed dial! Jillian Elizabeth is a full-time makeup artist, hair stylist and even does some crazy special effects and bodypainting for film work. She also happens to be one of my closest friends, and she runs an amazing bridal beauty blog packed with advice, please check it out! As always, Jillian uses makeup to bring out the best in a model and creating timeless, natural and flawlessly beautiful looks are her speciality. I assure you I did very little editing work to these photographs, a good stylist is invaluable for cutting down editing time!

Who doesn't love a rummage through an entire shop full of wedding dresses?! It was so difficult to refrain from bringing absolutely everything in Innate Bridals, I think if I had a bigger car I'd have sneaked in a few more! I was feeling creative and chose a range of dresses that would suit our styling, but would also be exciting to photograph. It is rare for a bridal shop to come on-site for a shoot, and thank goodness Keira did so - we never would have got through all the dresses in the time we had without her dressing and adjusting our models! We could relax knowing that the thousands-of-pounds-worth of dresses were in the hands of the professional!

Most photographers love detail and I am definitely no exception, I really wanted to add some interest with jewellery, something on the unique and handmade side, with a contemporary feel. Scarlett Erskine is the go-to gal for wedding jewellery, you can even make your own wedding rings together in her workshop! 

Speaking of detail, flowers are an absolute must for a fashion shoot but again I wanted something a little different. Annie at Bluebell and Birch is a flower-magician and really blew me away with the arrangements she brought. A huge oversized rustic bouquet, a floral choker, pearly strands of back-flowers and a huge colourful headpiece really added some magic to our photographs.